Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is iPowerWeb an ISP?

A common question that our users and potential users ask us is whether or not iPowerWeb is an ISP? If you are not aware, ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. An ISP provides its users access to the Internet. A great example of an ISP is AOL. If you are not yet aware iPowerWeb is not an Internet Service Provider, rather we are a web hosting company. If you are looking to setup a website you will most likely need a connection to the Internet, therefore you will need to find the right ISP for you. iPowerWeb cannot be your ISP although we can help you get started with your website and familiarize you with the world wide web. Most ISP's, similar to web hosting companies, charge a flat monthly fee for their service(s). If you are looking to receive Inernet connectivity services from iPowerWeb, you should look elsewhere - we specialize in web hosting. In order to view your website you must need Internet access therefore we recommend that you are always able to connect to the Internet and monitor the activity across your website.

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