Thursday, August 9, 2007

Reseller Technical Support

We hope that this blog has brought many iPowerWeb products and services to your attention. We also hope that you have learned a great deal about our business and why we do what we do. At iPowerWeb we love web hosting and we are always working to help our customers succeed online. You may also be aware of our Reseller Program. Our web hosting reseller program enables any person around the world to become their own web hosting provider and sell web hosting space to others. You may learn more about the many wonderful features of our reseller program by visiting our web site, also don't forget that it is free to join our reseller program and there never are any hidden fees or catches...our reseller program is very straight forward. You could make money fast and easily by partnering with iPowerWeb. All of our Resellers get a few perks, such as discounted pricing for our popular web hosting packages, an easy-to-use reseller control panel, and special reseller technical support. The special reseller technical support department is known as Priority Reseller Technical Support. You may contact the Priority Reseller Technical Support Department by logging into your reseller control panel, visiting the "Contact Us" section and selecting "Support" from the menu. Then please go ahead and see our Priority Reseller Technical Support Department an email. Well you may be asking yourself, how about if I can't login to my reseller control panel. We understand this and therefore have a direct email address as well for our Priority Reseller Technical Support Department. If you are unable to log into your reseller control panel, you may also send an email to to reach this department. If you do not use the contact us form in your reseller control panel, then please make sure that you include your full reseller ID in the subject line of your email. In the email you send to tech support, please make sure that you include the domain name of the account(s) which are having the issue. Please try to be as specific as possible when explaining the issue you are experiencing.
Please remember that the Priority Reseller Technical Support Department is strictly for our partners in the iPowerWeb reseller program and if you are not a reseller, this support department cannot help you. Rather please contact our general support department at and 888-511-HOST. iPowerWeb customer support is available all the time via telephone, chat and email.

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