Wednesday, August 15, 2007

iPowerWeb Hosting Servers

iPowerWeb has garnered many awards for its shared and dedicated web hosting servers. Many people begin their experience with iPowerWeb by purchasing the Business Pro Package and as their business grows they move onto a larger hosting platform like a dedicated server. A great feature with iPowerWeb is that you are not locked into your agreement with us; you could cancel at any time or use your unused credit towards a different package of hosting. All accounts are pre-paid in full, meaning that there are no monthly charges - which truly simplifies your dealings with iPowerWeb.
Reliability is one of the most important components when searching for a web host. A person does not want to pay money for a website that is not live half the time. iPowerWeb servers are some of the most reliable servers on the planet, with over 5 years of 99.99% uptime, you could trust that iPowerWeb will take good care of your site.
Having a backup of your website is highly recommended just in case an issue does occur, but another great thing about iPowerWeb is the fact that they run backups of all their customers’ websites as well…just to be extra safe.
iPowerWeb owns multiple data centers and has redundant connections. Therefore if your website goes down at one location, another one of iPowerWeb’s data centers will immediately publish your website. This is one reason why iPowerWeb is so respected in the web hosting world, they not only have great service but great technology as well. With such great servers and data centers, virtually all websites with iPowerWeb load extremely fast and flawlessly. By hosting your site with iPowerWeb you too will realize why they one of the best web hosts.

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