Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Legacy1 Accounts with iPowerWeb Reseller Program

iPowerWeb is recognized throughout the world as a high quality web hosting provider that has helped many businesses and organizations gain an Internet presence. When iPowerWeb first came in business in October of 2001 we had all of our accounts use cPanel our cPanel control panel. cPanel is a very common control panel used throughout the web hosting industry, we were pleased with the performance and quality we received from cPanel. But at the same time we felt that our customers are not just average web hosting users, they were hosting their websites with iPowerWeb - therefore they deserve the best technology and reliability at all times. Hence we decided to move to a vDeck control panel, which is undoubtedly more technologically advanced and user friendly when compared to a cPanel control panel. Since the move from cPanel to vDeck we have strictly stuck to using vDeck for all shared web hosting accounts with iPowerWeb. Therefore if you are planning on joining iPowerWeb for web hosting services, your new account will be setup on a vDeck server automatically. vDeck has one many awards throughout the web hosting industry for being the best control panel on the market.
When the iPowerWeb Reseller Program first started all of our reseller web hosting accounts used our original cPanel control panel. Once we made the switch to the vDeck control panel we also updated our Reseller Program. We moved to an easy to use vDeck web hosting reseller system which was a pioneer and innovator in the reseller web hosting industry.
If you ever browse through our HelpCenter or are speaking to a Customer Support representative you may hear the term "Legacy1" occasionally being used. If you do not know what Legacy1 means, don't worry. This is not a common term used throughout the web hosting industry. Rather Legacy1 is a term unique to iPowerWeb which is used to refer to any iPowerWeb hosting accounts that are still hosted on our original cPanel servers. By reading this page you are probably aware that Legacy1 accounts were our original reseller hosting accounts that used cPanel servers rather than the current vDeck control panel.

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