Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Register Your Domain Name(s) ASAP

The Internet continues to grow at an extremely rapid pace and as the Internet continues to grow - we find that people are constantly registering new domain names and setting up web sites. Due to limits on domain name extensions it is vital that you do your best to have your business name or desired name within your domain name. This means that even if you have not decided on how you wish to design your web site, you should work to register and secure your desired domain name(s) as soon as possible. Your domain name is fundamental to the development of your web site therefore iPowerWeb offers domain name registration services at wholesale rates.
You can currently register a domain name for only $6.50/year at iPowerWeb. As always if you need more information do not hesitate to call the iPowerWeb team at 888-511-HOST.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that each domain name comes with free whois privacy protection - which I love. Godaddy is the other registrar I use and they charge me extra for privacy protection. I'm happy to see you have a blog now - Ipowerweb is a great host and company.

Anonymous said...

I have not used Ipowerweb for web hosting but you guys are good with domain name registration. Your prices are affordable and good support

Anonymous said...

domain names ipowerweb nice guys are great - i always register my domain names with you guys. prices are great and i love the control panel.
i will someday use you for web hosting as well. at the moment i just use you for domain names. i have a huuuge domain name portfolio and will continue registering my domain names with ipowerweb. please do not raise your prices like my other registrar did to me - i love your services and tell all my friends to register their names with ipowerweb.