Sunday, May 27, 2007

Domain Name Extensions

The Internet continues to grow rapidly and more people are registering new domain names while less people are giving up their existing domain names, which means we will run out of available domain names right?
Well not really, we may run out of desirable .com domain names but that would take quite some time. At iPowerWeb we understand that the .com domain name you are interested in may not be available that is why we register domain name extensions other than .com such as; .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us,, and Hopefully these extensions are sufficient, if not please call our Sales Department for more information at 888-511-HOST. Even though our web site may not give you the ability to register every single domain name extension out there, please understand that we do host all domain name extensions. So if you have a domain name registered with an Italian registrar you could still host your domain name on iPowerWeb servers. So your domain name does not have to be registered with iPowerWeb in order to be hosted with us. Although people find it easier to have their domain name registration all with us you are more than welcome to register your domain name with another company and host your web site with us or vice versa.

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