Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is Free Hosting Right For Me?

As you are aware there are many web hosting companies out there which charge a fee for their services, such as iPowerWeb. Among these hosting providers that charge for their services you will find some that are not even worth a penny - in fact you may not want to host your site with them even if it was for free. But if for whatever reason you feel that you should not pay for hosting or cannot afford it at the moment, you may want to consider free hosting services. Although I must say that you will most likely get what you are paying for and if you are paying nothing...don't expect much. Most free hosting companies are able to stay in business by posting ads on all of your web pages therefore at the end of the day the website is not really controlled by you, rather it is ran by free web host which you are helping make money by promoting their web pages with ads. iPowerWeb understands the issues that come with free web hosting therefore all of our hosting plans are at rock bottom prices and cannot be beat, especially when you consider the level of service and technology. We truly strive to make all our customers happy - therefore is you are considering free web hosting services, please don't...iPowerWeb is the right company for all your web needs and you can trust us that it is worth the few extra dollars per month.

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