Friday, May 25, 2007


When shopping around for web hosting, you will probably notice that most companies charge an additional fee for SSL certificates. Are these necessary...and what in the world is SSL?
The letters SSL stand for Secure Socket Layer. Which is a protocol that allows for secure online transactions. SSL uses the public-and-private key encryption system from RSA , which also includes the use of a digital certificate .

SSL Certificates are used by online merchants that want to provide their customers a secure method of payment. When sending credit card information over the net, having SSL ensures that the information is transmitted in an encrypted and secure way. It provides your customers with peace of mind. So would SSL be useful for your website, well the answer is YES. Especially if you are planning to sell any goods through your web site. A great bonus about hosting your site with iPowerWeb is that every single shared hosting account comes with an SSL certificate already installed on the server. Meaning that you will not be forced to purchase any additional tools if you want to have secure transactions going through your web site. But if you wish to have your own SSL certificate - as in one SSL certificate dedicated to your entire site, you could do so for an additional fee through our Additional Services Department.
By not charging any additional fees for SSL certificates, we hope that you would agree with us that we are working for you. We feel that it is not right for you to pay for hosting then once you setup your site realize that you will be required to spend a great deal of money just to have your site running properly. Therefore you will receive web site essentials, such as an SSL certificate free with the purchase of each web hosting account. Make sure you utilize all the great features included with every single iPowerWeb hosting account.

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