Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Account Status Following Renewal

We all get busy sometimes and forget to take care of other important things. For example, you may be so busy with your booming online business that you may not remember when it's time to renew your web hosting account with iPowerWeb. We have experienced this quite a few times, this is why we send all of our customers multiple renewal notification emails well before your account is up for renewal. In most cases if you pay by credit card, we do keep your credit card on file within our secured system and are able to run the card once it is time for renewal - unless you wish not to. But there are also cases where we do run your credit card during our auto-renewal process and for some reason the card is declined. This may be due to multiple reasons (which we won't get into) therefore you are left with an unpaid web hosting account and a popular web site that cannot have any down time because you forgot to pay.
We all are human and at iPowerWeb we understand that things come up, this is why we typically leave your account live for about three days following the expiration of your account...if we don't hear from you by then we are forced to suspend your account - which hopefully will never happen.
Please remember that your hosting expiration date may not always be the same date as your web hosting expiration date. If both your hosting account and domain name are with iPowerWeb, you will be notified by us. But if for some reason your domain name is registered elsewhere please make sure to always renew your domain name on time so your website does not go down. Lets say your domain name is www.abcde.com and the domain name was set to renew on April 24, 2007. If you did not renew the domain name on time, if people were to type your domain name in their Internet browser they would most likely get to your web site. Also don't forget that this may impact your search engine traffic along with advertising campaigns. So to be safe make sure to always keep your accounts in good standing and we will do our best to remind you. If we don't hear from you regarding your account renewal emails, you may even get a call from our Customer Support Department just asking you if you still want your account. We really try to make the entire hosting process as easy as possible for you. Your accounts status following its renewal is just another example of how we work harder for you - we will generally keep your account live for about 3 days just to be safe and some cases even longer. Hopefully you will never have to worry about account renewals and issues like this.

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