Saturday, May 26, 2007

Change Your Domain Names Registrar

As you are probably aware iPowerWeb offers domain name registration services for very low prices. In fact iPowerWeb domain names are some of the cheapest on the Internet. Our domain name services gained lots of popularity when we offered domain name registration for only $2.95. This was a special offer we had over a year ago and helped us gain a great amount of market share in the domain name services industry. This page will explain what happens when you want to transfer your domain name to iPowerWeb. Please understand that there are two ways to transfer your domain name. For example you could either keep your already registered domain name with its registrar and point the dns information to our servers or you could transfer your domain names registration from your current registrar to iPowerWeb. Hopefully this makes some sense.
We will try to explain what happens when your registrar denies the transfer of your domain name over to iPowerWeb. At first you may think that your current registrar is not allowing the transfer of your domain name because they do not want to lose you as a customer (even though we may think this, in most cases it is not true) - if this belief holds true for your away fast, that's is what you call a company with ethics issues. Back to the point, if your registrar denies the transfer please understand that domain names cannot be transferred if they are expired, registered less than 60 days ago, or if the status is to LOCKED. If you feel your registrar denied your transfer in error, please contact your registrar. If they are not responsive, please contact or call us at 888-511-HOST for assistance with this issue. If the domain name has not expired and your account with your registrar is in good standing, we should be able to take care of this issue and in most cases when you transfer your domain name over to us we will add a year to your names registration time. Not only are our services affordable but they are also first class.

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