Monday, May 14, 2007

How Do I Get Started?

This is our first post with helpful tips towards the setup of your web site. In order to begin we will assume that you have already purchased your web hosting account with iPowerWeb. In this post we will discuss domain names, how they work, and how to transfer your domain name in order to point to our servers.

What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is the unique name that identifies an Internet site. An example of a domain name is

What Does a Domain Name Do?
A domain name is very much like a map, it tells computers where to go in order to locate your web site. For example, when your computer tries to go to, the request is sent through your internet service provider's DNS (domain name server) Database. So your web browser (the program you surf the web with) sends a request to go to Your ISP checks their DNS Database and finds that the domain name of really points to iPowerWeb's webhosting. It then takes your browser to the correct hosted website.

What is a Registrar?
A registrar is a company that has the ability to register domain names on the behalf of anyone interested in obtaining a domain name. Registrars must accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) and may only be allowed to register certain top level domain names.
If you chose the "New Registration" option during the account setup, your domain registrar is OpenSRS. You will, however, have to contact iPowerWeb for any updated you need to have done to your domain name. If you chose the "Transfer Domain" option, then your registrar can be a number of different companies out there. If you don't know who your registrar is, contact your old hosting company. Sometimes they may act as a reseller for a domain registrar and in those cases you'll need to contact the hosting company for changes to the domain name.

New Domain Name Registration
Once your credit card has been authorized following the purchase of your web hosting account, we will register your domain name. Your new domain name should be fully registered and running within 48 hours of account verification. We do our best to register your domain name as soon as possible, although there is no way to expedite this even more. The reason for the length of time is because all internet service providers (company you use to get internet access) need a chance to catch up to the domain addition. Once the domain is added to your ISP's DNS Database, your site will be up and running. At this point, you'll need to just wait until your domain is ready.

Domain Name Transfer
Domains that are being transferred may take up to 3 days in order to become available. Remember, that iPowerWeb only attempts to transfer ownership of the domain if you request it. If you rather keep the ownership with the current registrar, you need to contact them and update your name servers. This part of the setup is crucial to the proper set up of your domain. You can use any of the following name servers:


We hope this information helps.

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