Monday, May 28, 2007

Internet Explorer vs. FireFox

We have discussed the differences between computers running on a Windows platform compared to computers using a Mac operating system and their impact on your web site. We made it clear that the type of computer you use does not impact your web site, but does the Internet browser you use play any role?
The answer to this question is also no. As long as you are on the Internet the browser you use make no difference. Most people in the world currently use Microsoft's Internet Explorer as their browser - the main reason for this is because most Windows PC's already have Internet Explorer pre-installed so naturally people use Internet Explorer more than any other browser. Although, we are beginning to see that Internet Explorer is continuously losing market share to Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser. According to W3Counter, 66.36% of computer currently use the Internet Explorer browser to surf the net. This is compared to 25.48% of the Internet that uses Firefox and this quite an astonishing percentage when you consider that Firefox is generally not pre-installed on computers, rather people have to manually go on the Firefox web site and download the browser software. Month after month Firefox continue to gain market share while Internet Explorer loses users, we won't go into the details of why that is but one thing we do know is that both browsers are totally fine to use when you are creating and maintaining your web site which is hosted by iPowerWeb.

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