Thursday, May 24, 2007


Every person is always looking for a deal. We generally do not want to pay full price and definitely not overpay on anything. This belief also applies when it comes to web hosting, we definitely do not want to overpay and we are always looking for a good deal. Once you have decided on a certain hosting company - you would typically want to look all over the internet (such as search on Google) to find some sort of discount of the plan which you desire. Luckily, in most cases you will probably find a special deal on the plan you want. I use the word "luckily" sarcastically because you may not be so lucky after all. As we explained in an earlier post, the price of a hosting company is not the best way to judge the level of service and site performance you will receive. So pretty much once you get that believed to be great deal on web hosting, after a few weeks you will realize that the decision you made was a mistake and may even feel stuck. Although you should not feel worried at all, we are here to help all customers and potential customers.
One thing that we should point out is that you will never find a special deal on iPowerWeb hosting plans provided by iPowerWeb. This means that our prices will pretty much always stay the same no matter what - even inflation. Therefore you could rest assured that when you are a customer of iPowerWeb you are truly getting the greatest deal on hosting. This may not seem like much as you are reading this page but if you have ever shopped for hosting you will know how many "amazing" deals there are out there. We are not going to point out any hosting companies specifically although we have seen companies use rebates, secret web site links, special phone numbers, search engine ads...the list could go on for days.
The point that we are trying to get across here is that you should never worry about overpaying as an iPowerWeb customer. Rather we work so hard for you and your web site that we hope you will think that you are underpaying for the services :)
It is very interesting to watch the marketing tactics of most web hosting providers, generally you will find a trend that most companies like to copy one another. This means that if one company starts offering deep discounts you could probably bet that many other companies will follow. The same concept applies for storage space, email accounts, and hundreds of other things. Please excuse if we can't stick to one subject in this post, the message we are trying to get across is that you will always get the best deal when you purchase hosting directly through our web site. I guess you could compare this idea with how you should always buy airfare through if you want to fly Southwest. All in all when you are searching for specially priced deals on web hosting - you will most likely not see us on that list. And with all honesty we are quite proud not be a part of those lists and continue to grow the way we do. We want you to have peace of mind when purchasing web hosting from us and you will due to our ethical and customer oriented methods.

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iPowerWeb hosting is so affordable I don't need to look for discounts. There are times when I am actually willing to spend more than what I'm paying - in my eyes you are one of the best hosts there is.