Sunday, May 27, 2007

Can You Resell Your Hosting Space

When visiting the iPowerWeb site you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of space and features included with our basic BusinessPro Package. So lets say you purchase our BusinessPro plan and realize that you have been given far too much space for your web site and don't know what to do with unused space, so you begin to ask yourself - can I resell the extra space. Unfortunately the answer is NO. But the good news is that we offer a Reseller Program which enables you to purchase our hosting services at a discounted rate and play the role of web host. This means that you could truly own your own web hosting company at a very affordable rate and your risks are truly limited. You do not pay a monthly fee or have to put money up front, our Reseller Program is free to join and it allows to pay for each account when you are ready to set it up. Meaning that each time you gain a new customer you will pay for the hosting and if for some reason your customer cancels you can receive a pro-rated refund. Back to the point if you have any additional web space on your hosting account, you cannot resell your space to someone. And why would you want to do so? iPowerWeb plans are so affordable and each Business Pro Plan enables you to host up to 6 domain names on each account. This means that you could have six separate web sites on your one hosting account.

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