Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jobs at iPowerWeb

Are you looking for a new job?
Do you love web hosting?
Do you enjoy the Internet?
Do you love iPowerWeb?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions you should consider working for iPowerWeb. On our web site we have a section dedicated to career opportunities with iPowerWeb. Visit our web hosting job portal to learn more about current job postings and how to being the application process.
To give you a background of iPowerWeb, we are one of the largest shared web hosting companies in the United States. iPowerWeb currently hosts well over 700,000 web sites from over 100 countries around the world. At iPowerWeb we work hard to be a leader and innovator in the web hosting industry. We have office locations in both Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. Our official headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona; in Phoenix we have a data center facility and our call center is located in Phoenix as well. We have comprehensive benefits which come with every employee from the point they are hired. These benefits include:

* Medical
* Dental
* Vision
* Company Paid Life Insurance
* 401K
* Free Web Hosting Account
* Competitive Salary and Commission Structure

Please visit our list of open positions to get more information about available jobs at iPowerWeb. If you want to get into web hosting or just need a job - definitely visit our web site for more information and consider working at iPowerWeb. By the way, every employee at iPowerWeb gets a free web hosting account. So if you are thinking about getting a job and live in the area or are willing to move - you should apply for a job at iPowerWeb.
Currently we are looking for people interested in working as a Billing Support Inbound Representative, Technical Support and Sales Representative, and Telesales Specialists. We should not that iPowerWeb does not do cold calling, therefore we won't give you a list of numbers and have you call the people in order to make a sale. We love adding new people to our unique and hard-working team, come make a difference in the web hosting services industry with us.

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