Saturday, May 12, 2007

You Get What You Pay For??

Is this saying always true? Some may believe so although this does not apply when you are an iPowerWeb customer. All iPowerWeb products and services cost well below the industry average yet iPowerWeb continues to exceed all expectations when you look at the value and services received in return.
I'm sure you have been warned hundreds of times to beware when paying for something cheap - although this is not the case with your domain names and web hosting services purchased with iPowerWeb.
Domain names cost only $6.50 for an entire year and web hosting packages start at $7.95/month. iPowerWeb is highly respected for its customer support and its technology. iPowerWeb is the right company for all your hosting needs. Make sure to take advantage of all the wonderful features included with every iPowerWeb hosting account and don't ever worry if you think iPowerWeb's prices are too low - iPowerWeb will surely exceed all your expectations.

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