Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reseller Web Hosting Control Panel

iPowerWeb has one of the most popular Reseller Programs in the web hosting industry. This is largely due to the success of iPowerWeb's BusinessPro package and the fact the Reseller Program is free to join. Unlike most web hosting reseller programs, iPowerWeb does not charge its partners any monthly fees and there are never any hidden costs. All you do is pay for each account you setup, so for example if you have 6 customers (meaning 6 web sites) you will purchase 6 web hosting accounts from iPowerWeb. Another benefit of the Reseller Program is that every account is purchased at a special reseller discounted rate and as a Reseller you have access to our Priority Support Department which caters only to members of our Reseller Program. There are some many great features in our Reseller Program that it would truly take a long time if we were to go through everything one by one and show you what its all about - maybe we will do this in a future post. In this post we will just provide you with an answer to a common question that is asked by our Resellers. The question is, "How do I long in to my Reseller Control Panel?"
The answer is simple and you should probably bookmark this web address, The special vDeck reseller control panel allows you to manage your entire web hosting operation from one easy to use location. If you have not joined our Reseller Program or just want more information, visit our Reseller Web Hosting page at
Logging into your control panel is very easy all you need is your special reseller ID (RS000####), password, and click Submit. If you do not remember your Reseller identification number of your password, please contact our Reseller Support department for help.

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