Saturday, May 26, 2007

Google Web Hosting

Almost every person who uses the Internet has heard of (and most likely uses) Google. Google is an Internet company that has changed the search engine industry forever. One could even argue that Google has even changed the Internet forever. Starting off as a search engine, Google has branched off to offer many other products and services such as the following:
Orkut - A social networking site.
Google Video - A web based video site...Google also owns YouTube, a highly popular video site.
And quite frankly this list could go on forever. It seems as though Google is always launching a new site and/or service. Anyway back to the point, will Google come into web hosting. If you are acquainted with the web hosting industry you have probably heard the discussion before, will Google offer hosting services. Considering the strength of Google across the Internet it may seem like a logical and realistic move. At the moment Google does not offer any hosting services like iPowerWeb does and to be quite honest it may seem like a stretch for Google to enter an industry where they would have to offer such complex services. If you own a web site you know how tough it is to control a web server (or at least heard). It would seem that web hosting services would be an industry not right for Google's operations especially when you consider the company's mentality. To simplify everything, Google does not offer web hosting services such as shared hosting and dedicated servers and no one really knows if they will offer web hosting other than Google.

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Anonymous said...

I would be kinda scared if google did web hosting. They are doing way too much and if they put an 800 number on their web site you bet I will start calling them about issues with my organic rankings.