Thursday, May 24, 2007

Snakes at the Airport

According to the Associated Press customs officials at an Egyptian airport (Cairo) detained Yahia Rahim Tulba for possessing 700 live on his way to Saudi Arabia.
The snakes were all within a carry-on bag and the snakes included two highly poisonous cobras. According to Yahia Rahim Tulba he was hoping to sell the snakes in Saudi Arabia. While you are reading this post you are probably asking yourself, 'how is this related to web hosting?''s not. Every so often we will post about something not related to web hosting at all and as hard as you try this snake story is definitely not related to what we do. By the way the value of the snakes were not immediately known. Hope you enjoyed this fairly odd news post.


Anonymous said...

This is odd. How could this guy think he could get away with 700 snakes in a bag? lol

Anonymous said...

i wonder how they will sentence him. Also what would have happened if this occured at a U.S. airport. btw, i'm so happy that i transferred my site over to you guys from Bluehost.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about this...this man was crazy for thinking he could pass security like that. ahahahaha