Friday, May 25, 2007

What is POP3

When visiting the iPowerWeb website you will notice that every BusinessPro Package comes with 2,500 POP3 Email accounts. But what in the world are POP3 Email accounts? Do they make a pop noise every time you receive a new email?...that was a joke.
Ok so POP3 stands for "Post Office Protocol Version 3" and any normal person should not know what Post Office Protocol Version 3 means off the top of their head, so we will try to explain this a bit more.
POP3 is a TCP/IP protocol that allows e-mail messages to be received from a server. Most email servers use POP3 to allow their clients to retrieve their mail. Hopefully that makes a little more sense.
In normal human terms POP3 is the format of email most commonly used - another somehwat popular version is IMAP (but if we were to explain IMAP as well, we may confuse you even more). So as we have said every BusinessPro Package comes with 2500 email accounts. This means that you are able to create over 2500 different email addresses and if you need more we will allow you. So you could create email addresses like,, and thousands of others. Next time you see the word POP3 just know that is related to your email and remember that it is commonly used.
iPowerWeb uses a web based email interface known as WebMail but you are also capable of using Gmail and/or Microsoft Outlook to check your emails as well.

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