Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Deciding Between Windows and Linux

iPowerWeb offers many types of hosting packages and these hosting packages come with either Windows or Linux suport - and unfortunately you cannot get both on one server :( Therefore you must make the decision whether to host your web site on a Windows server or a Linux server...this post will assist you in making that decision.
Your decision on whether to run on Windows or Linux will largely be determined by the following:
If you are using Microsoft technologies such as MSSQL, ASP, and or Windows Media Streaming - you will be required to use the Windows platform.
Remember that PHP, Mysql, and email will run on both platforms.
With regards to security and reliability both platforms are fine, instead this will be more related to the company you host your web site with. iPowerWeb is a great hosting company which places great value on security and customer satisfaction. Due to the systems in place and industry professionals at iPowerWeb, both security and reliability should never be your concern.
Pricing is somewhat different regarding Linux and Windows hosting, this is largely due to the fact that Linux is an open source software (which means that it is free) whereas Windows is proprietary and contains licensing costs. Therefore you will find that most hosts will charge a bit more for a Windows hosting account when compared to the price of a Linux hosting account.

If you have decided to go with a Windows web hosting plan please visit our web site to gain more information and learn how to purchase your own Windows web site hosting account. Due to the reasons explained above, a Windows account with iPowerWeb will cost a few dollars more per month. But you can rest assured that you will still receive the award winning quality and service that comes with every iPowerWeb product and service.
Here is a link to some more information regarding our Linux based web hosting solution - our most popular package is our Business Pro Plan which has won many awards in recent years.
Always remember that if our web site does not provide you with the necessary information or if you just want to speak to a live person - please call us at 888-511-HOST, we have people available 24/7.

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Unknown said...

Your blog says "If you are using Microsoft technologies such as MSSQL, ASP, and or Windows Media Streaming - you will be required to use the Windows platform." But your windows hosting information and tech support says it doesn't support MSSQL. Is that old info and do you support MSSQL or not? I need to know ASAP because I am using Visual Basic kits that use MSSQL. I have 5 windows accounts with IPowerWeb. Will I have to move them to a different server?