Saturday, May 26, 2007

Business Cards

If you have your own business you probably know how important business cards are. It is crucial that you always carry at least a few of your business cards with your self. Especially because you never really know when you will meet a person(s) who would be valuable to exchange contact information with. If you are considering designing and printing your own set of business cards, its not as easy as you think. It is quite difficult to simplify everything you offer onto one small card, therefore you will most likely be forced to take some information out and just keep the important stuff (whatever that may be). You could view your business card as an extension of yourself so make sure you like what you have. Impressions are quite important and you would want your business card to hold up to the standards you view yourself with. Today we are seeing that it is becoming more and more popular to use both sides of the paper rather than just one side. Remember that the average human attention span is not too long so make sure you use the time of each person efficiently and relay your message properly.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that it is tough to create business cards. But design and printing places like Kinkos definitely make it easier because they give you so many different samples and they are experienced.