Friday, May 18, 2007

Is Cheap Web Hosting The Way To Go??

As you are probably aware iPowerWeb's hosting plans are extremely affordable. All shared web hosting plans cost less than $10 per month and domain names are only $6.50/year. Although, is it a good choice to go with price over service? There are thousands of hosting companies out there which like to make big promises (for very cheap) and there are others out there that seem so expensive that you would think that you are guaranteed to get a high quality of service (just like you paid for). In reality finding a solid web hosting company is an extremely difficult task - every person you speak to will have a different opinion and there are so many web hosting review sites out there that they harm more than they do good. One of the main reasons that makes finding a good web host so difficult is the fact that there are so many different companies out there and every person has different needs - therefore what may be perfect for you may not be good for someone else. At iPowerWeb we clearly understand this and do our best to please all of our customers. If you are searching for a new web hosting company and feel sort of lost...don't! iPowerWeb is a wonderful hosting company with years of industry experience and hundreds of thousands of customers to prove it. We take great pride in what we do at iPowerWeb and try to make the lives and businesses of all our customers much easier. If you are looking for a good cheap web hosting company, you are at the right place. Please visit for more information about us.


Anonymous said...

I have hosted my site with some very low priced hosts - and it was a horrible decision. But I think you are correct when you say Ipowerweb is different, I never have any issues and my sites run perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Ipowerweb is the greatest. You guys ROCK!!