Saturday, June 23, 2007


Many existing and potential customers contact our customer support department asking us if we support Guestbooks for their website. The answer is Yes, and if you do not know what a Guestbook you go. A Guestbook is an electronic form that allows your visitors to leave comments on your site. In order to learn more about how to configure your own Guestbook or just learn about the great features that come with an iPowerWeb hosting plan, you may always contact us.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain clearly, where the guestbook "include" code is to be placed? I have had to experiment with where to locate it in my page.

Secondly, I finally got the guestbook to appear, but after using it to submitt a guest post, the post does not show up anywhere on my page (although it does show up in the ipower admin interface). Thaks in advance!

Yaniv Masjedi said...

Thanks for visiting the IPOWERWEB Blog. First, please login to your vDeck control panel. Once you are there you should see a "Power Plugins" button. By clicking on the "Power Plugins" link you will see a Guesbook icon. Please install the Guestbook.
Once you have done so, select the page you wish to add the guestbook feature to and edit the code.
You must submit the following code to the page you wish to have the guestbook appear on.
It seems like you have installed the Guestbook feature although are having issues with the content appearing. Where on your page did you place the code? If you send an example, we could try to take a look.
You are always welcome to contact our customer support at 888-511-HOST. We are always available via email and phone.
Feel free to reply to this post in order to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Very interesting and cool!