Saturday, June 2, 2007

Whole New World After 19 Years

Jan Grzebski, a Polish man who was in a coma since being hit by a train in 1988 has woken up to a whole new world. Grzebski will have to adapt to a country which is no longer controlled by communists and to a world that is living on computer technology. Grzebski was a railywayman who fell into a coma after being hit by a train, Grzebski said that he owed his survival to his wife Gertruda. "She's the one who always took care of me. She saved my life," he said. At the time of the accident Grzebski was a father of four, today he has 11 grandchildren. Grzebski's doctore did not expect his survival, let along his emergence from the coma and return to daily life. "I cried a lot, and I prayed a lot. Those who came to see us kept asking: 'When is he going to die?' But he's not dead," said Getruda. This is a truly amazing story that we wanted to share with you and there are many important lessons learned from this situation, although one that stands out in particular is that we should never give up. Both Jan and Gertruda kept fighting and never gave up, due to this Jan Grzebski is alive and well.


Anonymous said...

this is truly amazing - its wonderful to see that these people and his doctors did not give up

Anonymous said...

This story is something else. It is all over the internet - great stuff