Saturday, June 2, 2007

Switching Hosts

Lately we have been providing answers to common questions which we receive by both iPowerWeb users and potential users. So as long as we keep addressing these common questions, why not continue? Another common question we receive is "Do you charge any additional fees if I want to transfer my web site from my current host to iPowerWeb?" To answer this question using just one word - NO. Why would we charge you to come host your web site with iPowerWeb. By the way, it should be understood that if any hosting company tries to charge you extra for transferring your site over, do not make them your hosting company. You should never have to face hidden fees or "odd" rules, at iPowerWeb we try to be clear and fair at all times. If you are tired of your hosting company and/or just want to switch over to iPowerWeb, you should not feel worried at all. We could transfer your domain name registration services over to us and even setup your hosting account in just a few hours. The transfer process is not complicated and hundreds of people transfer to iPowerWeb each day. To learn more about how to transfer your website to iPowerWeb, please call us at 888-511-HOST or email us at - we look forward to hosting your web site(s).

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