Sunday, June 24, 2007

URL Masking

We like to provide you with answers to some common questions that our Customer Support Department receives on a regular basis. Here we will cover the question of URL Masking and what it is.
When you visit a website, you see typically see the URL (or address) in the address bar of the browser. When you have additional domain names that point to a subfolder of a main domain, you may not want your users to see the true location of the site.
If points to, you want your visitors to see when they type it into a browser. The hiding of the true URL and the showing of the alias is called URL Masking.
As an iPowerWeb customer you will have the ability to take advantage of URL Masking and show the alias of your domain name rather than the true URL. Please visit our Domain Names page in order to register a new domain name. As always, if you ever have any questions or wish to learn more about URL Masking - please contact our Customer Support Department.

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