Monday, June 18, 2007

ColdFusion Hosting

A common question that we get over here at iPowerWeb is regarding ColdFusion and whether or not or shared web hosting plans support it. If you are new to web hosting you may not even know what ColdFusion is, ColdFusion is a scripting language similar to ASP, CGI, or PHP. Macromedia has a program called ColdFusion that allows you to easily create ColdFusion files using a graphical interface. You may be wondering if you really need ColdFusion for your website and whether or not our servers support ColdFusion. In most cases if you are building a generally basic web site, you will not need ColdfFusion. Mainly due to security reasons our BusinessPro web hosting plan and other shared hosting solutions do not come with ColdFusion support. In many cases you should be fine and your website will not be hurt due to the lack of ColdFusion support, but if for some reason you need Coldfusion for you website(s), you may want to look at getting a dedicated server with us. Our dedicated server hosting solution allows you to do almost whatever you want with the server. You will have full control of your server and you have the ability to do whatever you wish it. The dedicated server will be hosted in our award-winning data centers and are made of the latest dedicated server technology. Therefore if you are in need of a Coldfusion you should consider moving to a dedicated server with iPowerWeb.

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