Saturday, June 2, 2007


I think we all know the future of web based stores, they are definitely going to continue to grow. Everyday people setup web sites with capabilities to sell products over the Internet. So with so many people coming to the Internet to setup businesses what will happen to your local market, shoe store, pharmacy? This is a quite complicated question but to put it simply there will most likely always be a demand for these physical stores and this is due to one simple reason. We want to see what we buy before we buy it and we want to whatever we buy now. Until a web based store is able to accomplish this, we will always have a need for physical and local stores. Therefore if you are a business owner with a store or work for one, you should not worry too much about the impact the Internet will have on your business. Although if you are reading this right now and have not made the Internet your friend and the friend of your business, we recommend you do this. What we mean by this is that if you have a physical store, make sure you start a web site at least explaining your business. If you own a restaurant, you should create a menu with your contact information and a menu. But do not take the Internet lightly, it is a very useful tool that can propel your business. All in all, we don't think that your local ice cream shop, restaurant or mall will go out of business due to the rise and popularity of Internet based stores but we think it would be wise for every business around the world to have a web site. iPowerWeb is renowned for its web hosting services for business and if you are not ready to setup a web site, at least register a domain name. This is largely due to the fact that anyone could register a domain name and if someone wanted to they could register the domain name that would be ideal for your own business. This is just a thought on a very interesting and large subject. Please remember that if you ever need help with your web site or have some questions, please contact our Support Department at 888-511-HOST.

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