Sunday, June 24, 2007

Domain Name Ownership

iPowerWeb is one of the world's most popular web hosting providers. As an extremely popular hosting provider, over the years we have grown respect and popularity in many other spheres of the Internet and web hosting. This includes domain name registration services. For just $6.50 per year you can register your very own domain name. Some registration companies will charge you over $50 for the exact same service (if not worse). So due to the fact that we have become such a popular domain name registration provider, many customers and potential users regularly ask us who owns the domain name is it is registered through iPowerWeb. Here is the Answer...

The owner of any domain name registered through iPowerWeb is the customer that is registering the domain. Unlike some companies, we do not take ownership of your domain. This allows you to make changes to the domain at any time because YOU are the legal owner of the domain name. If you wish to learn more about registering a domain name, please Contact Us. We continue to grow at a rapid pace and love what we do. If you are considering registering a new domain name with us, please go ahead and do so. Our prices are very low and our quality of service is very high. We have received many awards for our services and we are always working to please all of our customers.

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