Monday, June 18, 2007

Computer Keyboards and Dishwashers

According to a recent NPR (National Public Radio) article, computer keyboards have more bacteria than toilet seats. We should have probably given you some warning before writing this and quite frankly I'm not feeling to good about my computer keyboard either. When you think of toilet seats having less bacteria than a computer keyboard - that is very scary. With the keys designed the way they are, it is very difficult to clean your keyboard. Due to this issue some people have come up with a sort of extreme solution to this matter, place your keyboard in the dishwasher. Yes yes yes, this sounds crazy if you have never heard of this - but lately people have been talking about cleaning their computer keyboards via the dishwasher.
If you ever use your computer, which you probably are doing right now, you know that keyboards get messy and quite dirty very quickly. Like we said earlier it is very difficult to clean a keyboard so initially the idea of cleaning your keyboard with the dishwasher seems quite genius. But although this seems like a good idea - many people do not recommend using your average dishwasher in order to clean your keyboard. There are companies that do disinfect your keyboard, although we recommend using keyboard disinfectant solutions available at your local office supply store. But please understand that it is best to stay away from cleaning your keyboard with the dishwasher.

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Anonymous said...

Gross. I just sprayed out my keyboard. Not like that will kill bacteria, but helps it at least look cleaner.