Saturday, June 2, 2007

Difference Between Design and Hosting

People call us all the time thinking that web hosting and web design are the same. Or if you want a web site all you need is a designer. We also get people asking us if we are an ISP, Internet Service Provider. Lets try to clear some things up here.
iPowerWeb is highly respected for its web hosting and domain name registration services. The job of a web hosting company is to house, serve and maintain files for the web sites if it customers. This is really what iPowerWeb does; we started off as a web hosting provider with just one plan, our BusinessPro and over time as we realized that as our customers were growing, their product demands grew as well. Therefore we launched a WindowsPro plan, which is the Windows version of our popular BusinessPro package. The we launched dedicated servers for our customers wanting their own web site and/or for the people that the BusinessPro plan was no longer enough. If you need to run a web site with ASP and/or .NET support, the WindowsPro plan is the right hosting package for your. We could explain the history of our products forever but lets talk about what this post is all about. iPowerWeb is a web hosting provider and web hosting is not the same thing as web design. We do offer web design services and if you wish to receive more information, please contact our Sales Department at 888-511-HOST(4678).
If you want to have a web site on the Internet, first you will need a domain name. Domain name registration is a service provided by iPowerWeb. Once your domain name has been registered and you are ready to have a web site, you will need a web hosting provider - such as iPowerWeb. Then once your web hosting account has been setup you could look to have it designed by a web site designer or a company that specializes in design - or you could even design your web site using our easy to use and professional web builder which is free and comes with every single shared web hosting account with iPowerWeb. So if your site is not hosted by us, switch over soon. But to make it clear, the core of our business is to provide web hosting services and there is a great difference between web hosting and web design. But at the same time do not forget that we do offer web design services.

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