Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ASP Testing

If you are in need of ASP support, please visit our WindowsPro page for more information on our top selling Windows web hosting plan. If you are already a user of iPowerWeb's WindowsPro package you may understand the functionality of ASP and why you need it. Here we will explain how to test if ASP works. If the test fails it may be related to the server located in our data center, while in some cases it may be due to the fact that your account is not on a Windows server rather it is on a UNIX operating system. Here goes the test...

1) Create a regular text file and call it test.asp.
2) In the text file, enter the following line:

<% Response.Write("Hello World!") %>

3) Save the file and upload it to your wwwRoot folder.
4) Go to (do not forget to replace with your domain name)

When you go to the URL in step 4, you should see the words "Hello World".
Note: Step 4 will work as long as the domain name is resolving and the test.asp is in the wwwRoot folder.

We hope this test helped you check if ASP is functioning properly. If you ever have any web hosting related questions, please contact our customer support at 888-511-HOST.

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