Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Receives Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Price for 2007 has been awarded (will be shared between) the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore Jr. The Norwegian Nobel committee decided that the Nobel Peace Price for 2007 will be shared by the two for their efforts to increase the amount of knowledge that has been spread throughout the world about the impact of man-made climate change and for providing information on how people throughout the world should go about reducing our risks of such change. Al Gore starred in the Academy Award winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", which discussed the issue of global warming and its possible effect on the environment.


Anonymous said...

I find it strange that Professor Lonnie G. Thompson, of Ohio State University, School of Earth Sciences & Byrd Polar Research Center didn't receive 1/4 Nobel Prize with Mr. Gore. According to the Nobel Website 1/2 the Nobel Peace Prize went to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and it was split with Mr. Al Gore. I think it would be only right that Mr. Gore should split 1/2 his prize with Professor Thompson.

If one didn’t fall asleep in Mr. Gore’s movie, one would know Mr. Gore received a majority of the Scientific Date and Information for his movie from Professor Lonnie G. Thompson, a man who has spent more time above 18,000 feet than any other person on Earth, according to Rolling Stone Magazine. Can someone tell me why the Nobel Foundation didn’t recognize Glaciologist Professor Lonnie G. Thompson and why he didn't receive 1/4 award, if Mr. Gore presented his Scientific Date / Information in his film?

Anonymous said...

I think the Norwegian Nobel Committee made a good choice as the matter or issue is important. Next year I suggest another nominated though and hope you'll support.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Gore will run for President of the United States again, this honor does help his standing.