Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IPOWERWEB's Business Pro Plan - Always a Great Deal

We recently discontinued our popular Valentine's Day Web Hosting Sale - where the Business Pro plan was selling for $4.95 per month. Due to the popularity of the sale we decided to extend it for 12 days past its initial expiration date. Regardless of the sale, any time is the perfect time to get a new IPOWERWEB web hosting account. Since the first day we started hosting web sites we placed great emphasis on customer satisfaction. At IPOWERWEB we work extremely hard to make sure that you never have to consider hosting your web site with any other web hosting provider. The web hosting industry is filled with web hosting providers wanting your business - at IPOWERWEB we understand this and do our absolute best to make sure you never even have to consider hosting your web site with another provider.
If you were unable to take advantage of our recent sale, don't worry. IPOWERWEB web hosting plans are still very affordable. Our Business Pro plan is only $7.95 per month with a one year package and $6.95 per month with a two year plan. The Business Pro plan has never been priced over the yearly price of $7.95 and we never plan on raising our prices. In order to learn more about our products and services you can always call us at 888-511-HOST or by visiting our web site...www.IPOWERWEB.com.

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I need some information about the shared hosting server regarding the hardware configuration.
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