Sunday, February 24, 2008

IPOWERWEB in February 2004

Have you ever wondered what IPOWERWEB was like in the past? How about 2004?
Well, in February 2004 IPOWERWEB had about 170,000 customers compared to the over 700,000 users we have in February 2008. Our main web hosting plan, the Business Pro plan, was only $7.95 per month - but guess what, the Business Pro plan still costs only $7.95 per month. With an increase in users from 2004-2008 we also increased the features included with every Business Pro package. For example, our Business Pro came with 200mb of disk space and 150 POP email accounts. But one thing definitely did not change during the past 4 years (or even since our first day in business) and that is our dedication to customer service. We work very hard to make sure we exceed the expectations of every user.
If you are curious to see what the IPOWERWEB homepage looked like in February 2004 - here you go.

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