Friday, February 1, 2008

Prices Remain the Same Regardless of Current Market Issues

At IPOWERWEB we work very hard to be the best web hosting provider in the world. From the time you first visit our web site to learn more about our products until forever, we make sure we exceed the expectations of all of our users. One aspect where we work hard to remain consistent and fair is with our prices. You cannot find IPOWERWEB hosting advertised cheaper anywhere else in the world and our prices have not changed since the first day we started hosting websites in October of 2001. The current global market is not at its strongest point, to say the least, but regardless of market issues you can be sure that IPOWERWEB web hosting prices will remain the same. Not only will our prices remain the same but also the level of quality will continue to be the best in the web hosting industry. In this unsure market you can be sure that IPOWERWEB is the best web hosting provider that will not change its prices at anytime.

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Update to the original post: IPOWERWEB's Business Pro package now costs only $4.95 per month until February. So rather than having the price of IPOWERWEB hosting go up, we drop our prices.