Monday, February 4, 2008

Extra Charge for Extra Bags with United

United Airlines will begin charging all people on domestic flights an additional $25 each time they check-in bag following the first bag. This means that if you are flying within the United States and have two bags you need to check-in, you will pay an additional $25 on top of your ticket price. This new rule will most likely go into effect on May 5th. But there is a way to get out of paying the extra fee, if you are a Premier member within United's Mileage Plus program or a Silver member within the Start Alliance program the additional fees will be waived. 


Anonymous said...

I rarely fly with united airlines so this won't have any impact on me. I just hope other airlines don't follow united, this is not good. First ticket prices go up and now we have to pay for a second bag??

Anonymous said...

best of all it's $25 each way. That means that a round trip will cost us $50...thanks united