Sunday, February 24, 2008

Does the Length of your URL Impact your Search Engine Rankings

After reading the title of this page you probably know what we will be talking about right now, URL's and their impact on search engine rankings. We will specifically be addressing the issue of long URL's and whether or not they hurt/help your web site.
We should first point out that the factors that go into search engine ranking could change at any time. Meaning that ranking algorithms are never constant and therefore the information we provide may not always be true.
With the question being "does the length of a URL impact search rankings?" - Simple answer is no.
Please not that there is a difference between URL length and URL structure. It is believed that the length of a URL is not very important while your URL structure is VERY important. This is because proper URL structure will most likely reduce the numbers of characters you will have within a certain URL and search engines like Google want things to be simple for their robots. The would prefer static and short URL's over dynamic and long URL's.

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