Saturday, February 2, 2008

SEO Without Links, Good Luck

Generally speaking, you need two things to have a successful web site (in terms of search engine rankings). We are referring to quality/unique content along with quality inbound links. You could have the best content on the Internet (in your eyes) but without any inbound links your site most likely won't be ranking. Search engines like Google highly value inbound links and if you do have any direct links pointing to your site, you may not even be in its index. Google uses links in order to understand how valuable/popular your site is. Don't think SEO is all about links, yet at the same time definitely comprehend the importance of links coming to your web site. Relevant links are better than links from sites that have no relation to what you do. An example of an irrelevant link is having an online pharmacy link to your hair salon's web site. This is not to say to is bad to have a link from an online pharmacy, it would just be better to have links coming from web sites related to what you do.

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