Thursday, December 20, 2007

Paid Advertising Not Always Necessary

Many people think that by having a huge sum of money for advertising campaigns will lead to greater sales numbers. This may be true in some cases, but the cost per acquisition may not be healthy. Would you rather pay for each customer to come to your site, or would you prefer having customers visit your site via "free" channels. In no way are we saying paid advertising is bad, in many cases it is helpful and quite necessary - but there are many companies that have lived and succeeded without spending money on advertising. A great example of this is Google especially when compared to Yahoo. Google has become one of the world's most visited web sites and is the most powerful search engine on the planet. Best of all, for Google at least, Google has a very small advertising budget. The majority of Google's traffic comes from buzz, word of mouth and the media. Google works to make every product and service they offer the best it can possibly be and allow the rest of the world to make it successful. 
If you own a web site or are considering hosting your web site with IPOWERWEB, don't feel that you need money to start a successful web site. All it takes is confidence, hard-work and dedication. Google has revolutionized business, especially over the Internet. Don't feel pressured in spending thousands of dollars on advertising when it can all be done for free. Just make sure you have a great web hosting provider, like IPOWERWEB.

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Anonymous said...

Google is an amazing company that is quite hard to copy. But they do provide proof to your point that you don't need a big ad budget to succeed.