Thursday, December 27, 2007

Make Your Contact Information Visible

If you own or work at a retail store you most likely understand the importance of product placement. You cannot just place your products any place you like and expect for everything to sell immediately. Rather everything must be strategically located in order to for you to gain the most you possibly can. The same concept of product placement must be used when designing your web site. Every pixel on every page of your web site must have a purpose. Do not just do things because you like it or think the search engines like it, think about your users/readers and tailor your web site for their needs. 
When thinking about the design strategy for your web site make sure to have your contact information visible as much as possible. Making your users feel welcome and ready to contact you at any time if necessary. Don't forget about making your company's contact information visible on every page of your web site, the benefits are endless. 
There may not be enough space to provide all your contact information on every page of your web site but you should definitely try to have your phone number or email address visible. 

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