Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Domain Name Misspellings

IPOWERWEB offers domain names at an extremely affordable price. For only $6.50 per year, anyone can register a domain name. This is a great price for domain names, therefore if you are yet to register your own name, your company name, or your next big idea - do it as soon as possible. 
One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when setting up a new web site is misspelling their domain name. Thankfully IPOWERWEB's domain name registration service is so affordable that it would not hurt you to even misspell the same domain name 10 times. In most cases you may not even use the registered misspelled domain names,  therefore before you go to register your domain name - make sure you know what domain name you want and you know how to spell it. This can save you some time and decrease stress.
Again, IPOWERWEB domain names are very affordable so it won't hurt you to misspell your domain name. In fact it may even help you, for your competitors won't be able to get a hold of domain names similar to yours.

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