Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Importance of Weekdays

If you own a web business you may have noticed something odd since your first day in business, most traffic and business comes on weekdays rather than weekends. Traditionally many of us think that weekends are the days to make money over the Internet because most people are off from work and have time to do their shopping. 
Instead of making purchases during their free-time on weekends, the majority of online shoppers shop during the week while at work. The reasons for this may seem obvious, why take time out of your free-time on weekends in order to buy something rather than purchasing what you need during the week while getting paid and in front of a computer. This is very troublesome to many business owners. The Internet has revolutionized business and at the same time may have negatively impacted peoples working habits. We now find companies being forced to ban their employees access to certain web sites due to the fact that employees surf the net and don't take care of their roles and responsibilities at work. So if you own a web site or are considering starting your own online business, do not underestimate the importance of weekdays for your business. People purchasing products online at work is not a new trend and it will most likely continue in the future. When marketing for your web site, be active during the week....there are people out there interested in the products/services you offer. 

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