Monday, July 9, 2007

Lose Weight Playing Nintendo Wii

As many people are probably aware, Nintendo's Wii is extremely popular and is changing the way people play video games forever. Your Wii could now be a part of your weight loss regime. For example a man is claiming that by playing his Wii for 30-45 minutes everyday, he has lost 10 pounds. At first it may seem like a great thing but playing Nintendo in order to lose weight may not be the wisest move. Rather you may want to consider eating the right foods and exercising properly in order to treat your body well. The Wii has become very well-known and it is played across the world, but when thinking of the Wii not too many people think of the gaming console as a tool for exercise, rather it is regarded as a fun way to entertain a person. So if you have a Wii or are considering one, please enjoy it as entertainment and not as exercise. It is far better to go running or head to your local gym in order to have properly exercise your body.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thats a good point about the wii being helpful to get you to loose weight. Me and my sister found another great video game that helped us each loose over 25pounds each...Dance Dance Revolution...we played it everyday since last christmas for about an hour everyday and she lost about 25pounds in less then 3 months...I went down 2 pant sizes...Its a great work out and it counts how many calories your burn every dance you ITS FUN!!
I had to post this bit of information for those who are Xbox loves, like myself:) You guys are awesome and I love the advice u give me!