Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Importance of Search Engine Ranking For Your Web Site

Once you have purchased and setup your new web hosting account, you must begin thinking of how you will design your web site. Almost anyone who has ever had a web site would tell you that web design is not a simple task. A web site owner typically has so many options when it comes to the design of their web site, that a person is rarely satisfied with the first draft of design. Rather web design is a complex process that generally never ends, web site owners are always looking to better their web site. Today, search engines have come to play a significant role in the design of a persons web site.

Search engines are the market makers of the Internet. They connect consumers with companies at the very moment of consumer interest and enable all of us to find exactly what we want, when we want it. They bring great efficiency to the Internet and our lives and shall exist as long as the network of servers and computers we call the Web is around.

Positioning plays a very important role on search engines. If you are not positioned to be where your customer is when your customer is ready to buy, you lose. Your competitor who is in that place at that time wins.

The first purpose of search engine optimization is to be positioned in the places where your customer is. The second purpose is to be positioned better than your competitions in these places. In the world of search engines, better means higher, and higher means a much greater probability that an individual will click on your link. While this figure varies by engine, recent search data has shown that approximately 70% of users, if they click, will click on one the first three listings in a search engine.

Therefore if you, or someone you know owns a website, we highly recommend you optimize your website for the popular search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. It is a rule of thumb not to create content and design your web site just for search engines, instead you should design your web site for you customers - although the iPowerWeb SEO Services try to tie both elements together. The iPowerWeb Web Site Development Department can not only create a professional web site for yourself or business, they can also optimize your web site in order to rank highly on the search engines for your related keywords.
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