Monday, April 23, 2007

Google Search Leads to the Arrest of One of America's Most Wanted

After being on America's Most Wanted list for nearly five years, the fiancee of Mikhail Drachev did a simple Google search of her fiancee's name and was surprised to see that he was a highly wanted fugitive. She later notified police and he was arrested in his Toronto apartment this past Friday.
Mikhail Drachev, 24, has been on the run since the slaying of Konstantin Simberg in December 2001, a police informant who lived in Phoenix. Drachev and two other men are accused of attacking Simberg, 21, while he was on the phone with a cop. He was stabbed in the back, doused with gas and set ablaze.
It's now believed Drachev fled Arizona to Ottawa, where the couple met