Tuesday, April 3, 2007

April Fools Day on the Internet

This past Sunday was April Fools Day (April 1st) and the Internet served as a platform for many hoaxes and practical jokes. The following is a list of some April Fools Day hoaxes...

*eBay added an "Unbelievable Deals!" section to its home page, with the following list of "Top 10 Deals"

Cow Licks
Flying Carpets
A Clue
Your Face on Mt. Rushmore
Dream Date
Electoral Votes
Ocean Front Property in Arizona
A Vowel
Evaporated Water

* PC Magazine discussed "10 Revolutionary Technologies" including a helmet for Wii usage and a Wi-Fi toothbrush.
*Google announced new services:

GmailPaper, a free paper archiving service for any and all Gmail messages. Google confesses it is indeed an April Fools' joke on the Gmail Paper Program Policies page
Google TiSP (beta), free in-home wireless broadband "via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines."
Google Calendar's Google GooDay (or G'Day in Australia) provides an extra day between Saturday and Sunday.