Friday, November 9, 2007

SEO Myth: Time Spent on Web Site Matters

We enjoy providing our readers with useful information, regardless if you are an IPOWERWEB hosting user or not. If you are optimizing your web site in order to increase your search engine rankings, you have probably read many articles across the Web and have spoken to people who feel they know what it takes to get to that #1 position on Google, MSN and Yahoo.
One common misconception in terms of search engine optimization and the quality of your web site is regarding the time spent on your web site by users. What we mean is this, do search engines take into account the amount of time a user spends on your web site? The answer (for the major search engines) is NO. Time has nothing to do with your search engine placement.
If we don't make sense, check out this example.

Site A and Site B are exactly the same in the eyes of a search engine. Everything from beginning to end is the same, although Site A users tend to spend 4 minutes on the homepage per visit while Site B users tend spend an average of 1 minute per visit.

Would a search engine think Site A is better because people spend more time on it? NO
Would a search engine think Site B is better because people are retrieving information more efficiently? NO

The length of user visits is not a factor used by the search engines in order to calculate the value of your web site. Therefore don't worry about the amount of time most users spend on your web site. Instead make sure that you are providing your visitors with valuable information that they can't receive anywhere else.

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