Saturday, November 24, 2007

Have 25 Web Sites

At IPOWERWEB we have great respect for the Internet and understand that if it were not for the many people who regularly use the Internet on a daily basis, the Internet would not be as successful. The Internet is made up of billions of web pages. If you have a business, a great idea, or wish to store information - the Internet is there to help you. You are not restricted to the amount of web sites you can have on the Internet, take advantage of this. Why have one web site when you can have 25 with IPOWERWEB. Every IPOWERWEB Business Pro package comes with many great tools to help you succeed online as well as the opportunity to host up to 25 different web sites with just one account. Yes 25 DIFFERENT web sites. So with just one IPOWERWEB hosting account purchased at $4.95 per month (for a limited time), you can host up to 25 web sites. This is a great deal, take advantage of it.


Anonymous said...

you go from allow 6 sites per web hosting account to 25??? That's ******* amazing. With one account I should be good for life, forget about buying a dedicated server or something - i will just stick to your BusinessPro

Anonymous said...

nice stuff - yeeeaaa ipowerweb